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Why Plan Ahead?

There are many important things in life that we plan ahead for, things like: weddings, first home purchase, children’s births, retirement, and more. Planning ahead for important events allows you to anticipate your family’s needs and ensure that all the details are taken care of. That being said, why do most people turn the planning of life’s most critical event over to their loved ones during a time of great sadness and stress? Isn’t it far better to plan ahead for your cemetery, cremation or funeral arrangements to save your family from the additional work?

Planning ahead will allow you to:

Ease the emotional burden your family will endure.

Protecting family and loved ones from unnecessary emotional hardship is something we would all like to do. Preplanning makes it possible to shield your loved ones from the stressful task of making funeral and financial decisions during the time of emotional turmoil. It may also help to reduce overspending by eliminating the uncertainty in regards to what you’d have wanted.

There are a tremendous variety of details that must be executed in the hours, days & weeks following death: permanent decisions must be made in a rather short time period, documents must be found, and individuals and corporations notified.

Looking on the bright side – you don’t have to pass along the pain of making difficult decisions to your family when they are least prepared. With proper pre-planning, your family won’t be guessing and making rushed decisions that can’t be undone.

Prevent making difficult decisions during a stress filled time.

If you were notified today that a family member or loved one had passed on, would you know what to do? Some of us might. These difficult decisions can be made in advance, at your own pace and with complete privacy in your own home?

We all know that the best decisions are usually the ones that are made when you are calm, rational, and have all the appropriate information available. This is exactly why it is best to make plans ahead of time and handle all of these decisions now, so that your loved ones won’t be left guessing and potentially arguing over difficult choices.

Make sure your wishes are known

At one time or another, many of us may have spoken or joked around with others about what kind of funeral we may want to have. But do you think your loved ones will actually know what you would have wanted? If you consider it, it really is practical to make these significant decisions now, alongside the people you love, to ensure that there won’t be any confusion concerning your wishes.

Get some good advice.

Just give us a call or fill out the form on the Contact page to get more information. We can discuss all the alternatives and assist you with determining your priorities. You’ll obtain all the information necessary to make sound choices, with complete privacy and confidentiality.

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